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100% Natural
100% BARF
100% Meat
100% Honest

Tripe Petproducts was founded in 1981 and has grown over the years to become the specialist in natural snacks and treats for pets. 


All products of Tripe Petproducts are 100% natural, made from 100% meat or fish and 100% BARF (Bones And Raw Food). There are no chemical anti oxidants or artificial flavors and colors added. All products are natural and very tasty. 


Tripe Petproducts is the specialist for 100% honest and 100% natural snacks for pets. 

Besides our standard range of chicken, beef, pork and fish snacks we also have snacks made of exclusive protein sources for example horse, duck, camel, kangaroo or pheasant. These snacks are hypo allergenic and also suitable for dogs with food intolerances for the most common protein sources. 

Our products are extremely tasty for pets; by chewing on these snacks it also has a positive contribution to the dental hygiene of pets. Our snack will help with the prevention of plaque and tartar. 


All our products are dried naturally resulting in an optimal preservation of the nutrients.  

We have a wide range of natural snacks for pets. 

We have the possibility to deliver products under your own private label. 

Please feel free to contact us for more information

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